Erik Peers with international performer Rocio Lequio from Buenos Aires

Video shows Rocio Lequio, from DNI Buenos Aires dancing a traditional Tango with Erik Peers at Montecasino.

Tango la Plata in Johannesburg, South Africa, is dedicated to the Argentine Tango. The name la Plata is derived from Rio de la Plata, the river on which Buenos Aires is located. Plata literally means silver. So Tango la Plata is Silver Tango. Smooth, fine, beautiful and inherently valuable.

Some mistake tango for a dance. Tango is a feeling. A feeling that can be danced. As Carlos Gavito said, "We tango dancers are painters. We paint the music with our feet."

What really separates tango from all others is that tango is danced to the music - not just the rhythm, but the melody, the words, the interpretation by the musicians - thus every single tango danced is different to any other. Never to be repeated. 

It is very difficult to compare tango. It needs to be experienced. The more we use words to explain, the further we move from the essence of the dance.

In tango there is not a hold, there is an embrace. The feel while dancing is that of being hugged.

It is in this spirit - the spirit that tango is a connection between two people and the music - that Erik Peers gave birth to Tango la Plata at the end of 2007. A private studio dedicated to the Argentine Tango.

At Tango la Plata students are taught the universal language of tango which can be understood anywhere in the world.