A tango moment - frozen in time. 

Photo: Murray Horn 

Conceptual Tango Technique (TTC) 

TTC, or Tango Technologio Conceptual, was developed by Dana Frigoli, the director of the top tango school in Buenos Aires -DNI.

TTC explains the HOW to dance tango, rather than the WHAT.

TTC is the method with which tango is taught at both DNI and Tango La Plata. It provides the essential elements of posture, a natural embrace and movement, allowing for effortless communication between two tango dancers. There is a strong focus on understanding the music and interpreting the musical energy into the dance.


"TTC provides the alphabet in the process of mastering the language of tango." Dana Frigoli.


With a solid foundation of the natural body movements understood through TTC, students can then further their choice of one or more of the four distinct styles of tango, namely: 

Traditional / Milonguero style as danced in the majority of milongas in Buenos Aires

Tango de Salon, danced by the younger set in Buenos Aires and most dancers outside of Argentina

Tango Alternativo, which is danced to non-traditional tango music, or even non-tango music

Tango Escanario (Stage Tango) for those students interested in doing performance work in tango.

To read about TTC on the DNI website, click on https://dni-tango.com/metodologia-tecnica-ttc?lang=en